Kobasic's Candies
3rd & 4th Generation Makers of Fine Chocolates & Candies

Assorted Caramels 1 lb.

Type 1 to 6 different flavors to include in this box

Love creamy caramels, then this choice is for you. Select from all 1 flavor or mix and match up to 6 different flavors, in 1/6 lb. increments (4 pieces), to get your perfect box together of our creamy Caramels. 

Choose from 1-6 flavors for your box. 


ALMOND (with almonds and almond extract), ASSORTED NO NUTS, ASSORTED WITH NUTS, BALSAMIC VINEGAR (fruity and sweet), CASHEW, CARAMEL MARSHMALLOW (layer of vanilla marshmallow over a layer of vanilla caramel), CAYENNE PEPPER (a bit spicy), CINNAMON (warm but not hot/spicy), COFFEE, FRENCH VANILLA (has egg cooked in, less sweet not chocolate covered), LEMON, LIME, PEANUT, ORANGE, SALTED VANILLA (our number 1 seller of everything we make), VANILLA