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Assorted Kruffles 1/2 lb.

Please type from 1 to 4 different flavors you want included in this box

Love truffles or our Kruffles, then this choice is for you. Select from all 1 flavor or mix and match up to 4 different flavors, in 1/8 lb. increments (3 pieces), to get your perfect box together of our smooth, creamy Kruffles. 

We have 2 types of Kruffles available, 1) a traditional ganache with chocolate and heavy whipping cream which must be refrigerated if not going to be eaten in 2-4 days and 2) our hybrid truffle that doesn't have to be refrigerated as it is cooked to a much hotter temperature and has butter and sugar added too, these are typically a blend of the sweet dark and milk chocolate, unless specified otherwise.    

Choose from 1-4 flavors for you box - you can also select Assorted with Nuts or Assorted without Nuts. 

FLAVORS: Ganache (chocolate & heavy whipping cream - needs refrigeration after a few days) 

Milk Chocolate

All White Chocolate Kruffles include: Banana, Lemon, Honey Lemon Lavender, Key Lime Pie, Spicy Coconut Lime (with Cayenne pepper), Vanilla; 

All Sweet Darks Chocolate Kruffles include: 63% Sweeter Dark Chocolate, Balsamic Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper, Coffee, Honey, Lemon, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Spicy Cinnamon Cayenne (hottest item we make), 72% Dark Chocolate (less sweet)

Blended Chocolate Flavors safe at room temperature:

Amaretto, Cherry, Cherry Rocky Road (with maraschino cherries, Walnuts & mini Marshmallows), Chocolate Heart, Coconut, Irish Cream, Orange, Rocky Road (with Walnuts & mini Marshmallows)