Kobasic's Candies
3rd & 4th Generation Makers of Fine Chocolates & Candies

Assorted Kruffles & Caramels 1 lb.

Type 2 to 6 different flavors to include in this box

Love both our creamy Kruffles and Caramels? This great combo allows you to pick from 2 to 6 different items from either the Kruffles and/or the Caramels in 1/6 lb. increments (4 pieces), to get your perfect box together of our smooth, creamy Kruffles and Caramels. 

Choose from 2-6 flavors for your box from both the Caramels and the Kruffles listed below. 


ALMOND (with almonds and almond extract), ASSORTED NO NUTS, ASSORTED WITH NUTS, BALSAMIC VINEGAR (fruity and sweet), CASHEW, CARAMEL MARSHMALLOW (layer of vanilla marshmallow over a layer of vanilla caramel), CAYENNE PEPPER (a bit spicy), CINNAMON (warm but not hot/spicy), COFFEE, FRENCH VANILLA (has egg cooked in, less sweet not chocolate covered), LEMON, LIME, PEANUT, ORANGE, SALTED VANILLA (our number 1 seller of everything we make), VANILLA 

We have 2 types of Kruffles available, 1) a traditional ganache with chocolate and heavy whipping cream which must be refrigerated if not going to be eaten in 2-4 days and 2) our hybrid truffle that doesn't have to be refrigerated as it is cooked to a much hotter temperature and has butter and sugar added too, these are typically a blend of the sweet dark and milk chocolate, unless specified otherwise.    

KRUFFLE FLAVORS: Ganache (chocolate & heavy whipping cream - needs refrigeration after a few days) 

Milk Chocolate

All White Chocolate Kruffles include: Banana, Lemon, Honey Lemon Lavender, Key Lime Pie, Spicy Coconut Lime (with Cayenne pepper), Vanilla; 

All Sweet Darks Chocolate Kruffles include: 63% Sweeter Dark Chocolate, Assorted with Nuts, Assorted No Nuts, Balsamic Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper, Coffee, Honey, Lemon, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Spicy Cinnamon Cayenne (hottest item we make), 72% Dark Chocolate (less sweet)

Blended Chocolate Flavors safe at room temperature:

Amaretto, Cherry, Cherry Rocky Road (with maraschino cherries, Walnuts & mini Marshmallows), Chocolate Heart, Coconut, Irish Cream, Orange, Rocky Road (with Walnuts & mini Marshmallows)