Kobasic's Candies
3rd & 4th Generation Makers of Fine Chocolates & Candies

Sugar Free Assorted 1/2 lb

Type 1 to 4 different flavors to include in this box

If you are looking for sugar free chocolates, look no further. These delicious chocolates are made to keep the blood sugar level, without the spike regular sugar gives. It's made with a sugar alcohol called Maltitol, but it has no after taste that so many sugar substitutes have. Pick from 1 to 4 different items from in 1/8 lb. increments (3 pieces), to get your perfect box together of our sugar free chocolates. A cluster typically is a food chocolate covered in a little paper cup. Bark is a chocolate covered food spread flat, like a Hersey bar.  

Choose from 1-4 flavors for your box - can also choose Assorted Nuts Only, Assorted Everything. 


ALMONDS (raw or dry roasted with sea salt), CASHEWS (cooked in peanut oil with sea salt), COCONUT (raw organic unsweetened), MACADAMIAS (raw or dry roasted with sea salt), PEANUT BUTTER (peanut butter cup centers), PEANUTS (cooked in peanut oil with sea salt), PECANS (raw), PISTACHIOS, WALNUTS (raw)